Partner during exercise

Partner during exercise

There are two types of players bodybuilding, the solo player is a player who prefer to exercise alone, and co-player, and partnership are usually between two and in three other cases.

Features many partnership and I will talk briefly as much as possible about their importance and how to choose a spouse and how to help your partner. Why partner during exercise?

When there is of help to become more aggressive in carrying weight and rely that your partner Savior will help you in Aadatk recent and in which all interest, and you will enjoy a lot when discussing with him Tmarenkma before the start and during the warm-up, in addition to the exchange of experience and atmosphere that filled enthusiasm and challenge.

How do you choose a partner in the exercise?

Not necessarily have to be a partner equal to you in body length and magnitude, but it is important to have a spirit of partnership and share your love of the sport and respects you and respects your level, whether you are less than or more, and accept his personality and accept is your personality and abide with you in your workout.

Successful partnership:
I think that the successful partnership needs to constituents many of them, for example, but not limited to you know muscle favorite partner and interact with him during his training is also upon that the same thing, In this integration between you, and believe me Sthsubh Adilth and your muscle Mufdiltin in time the same muscle rather than Each one has a favorite muscle and favorite exercise.

Partnership teach what you learn on your own because you will take the different Antbain sometimes the same exercise and this stirring inside you curious to know a partner and a sense impression which doubles your concentration without feeling.

Successful partnership also need training to help and support psychological and moral also evident in the following points:
During Exercise:
- Reassure your partner that you will help him put your hand tightly on (the bar - elbow - wrist, etc.) according to the type of exercise.
- When helping him encouraged him Ascending tone increasing with every few even last several he needs to do so.
- In offer convenient painting recent especially after preparing seventh (in case it leads 10 Aadat) Mark assistance based on estimated shortcomings, means when she shortened it Give him a simple increase depending on the level of negligence, and this is a sensitive issue and the task while maintaining balance and parallel bar for example, or Aldambalz This is your job.
- Help your partner in a weight lifting fundamentals, especially in raise Aldambalz, always Be Mahtata in terms of safety, such as exercise raise Aldambalz in front-or chest high ... Etc..
- Right corner assistance, always tried to maintain the angle of exercise to your partner because you lost it if they do not exercise.
- Mark of weight challenge you and your partner and not a challenge between you, it is your partner, not Linda you, and follow the ways to encourage him to reach your weight if your weight is higher than in the exercise, in exercises cable for example (but not exclusively) encouraged him and tell him that he could play this exercise this weight and that you will help him and he does not have to do all offer convenient painting, just what can be done.
- After completion of the repetition does not stop encouraging it gives an incentive mentally and psychologically you with the following exercises.
- If you are ahead of your partner, Mark incentive for him to become more sophisticated in تمرينه not Tsthtr under his belt during exercise weights less from you, and I know that you like him one day. - Method of counting in case of repetition of the dry, then counting in reverse, it makes him imagine that the numbers dwindle, means, for example, not repetition 20 several never 201 918, that make him feel that he accomplished a great achievement when it reaches the number 1, especially as the exercises blotting exhausted and energy are usually rickety because of the Diet.
- Do not complain and never Ttavv if your partner is his habit, for example Mottagaas exercise but encouraged him and tell him that as long as the monster which is estimated at anything and he can bid more exercise and conquer the weights.
- Some partners like to encourage violent, that hit him bunt on his back during the exercise back for example, or on the stomach during exercise stomach, but not so in the past several, or you're shouting over his head when the count without disturbing others, and use words that you feel that excited her always selected of which make him feel that the rock that crashed iron in her hands.
- Baader always put him in the bar weight (for example) and search him for Aldambalz other without being asked and Ahrjh good Bokhalaqk and your cooperation Vsialm you become like you, and a worker as you would like to treat you in the exercise altogether.

Social life:
Your partner person has feelings and has personal and entity and perhaps passes sometimes problems family or material, be always with him and Uasih This is sportsmanship real and make exercise its outlet You Ki rid of the pressures of life and advise him always good, but Mark your words in the problem outside the club so as not to think advice during exercise and forget exercise and forgets and always save his secret is your partner in the end.
Sarha including love and hate and ask him to tell you is also including likes and dislikes Ki envisages Zolh, and agreed not to pranks while performing the exercise so as not to lose focus, and not to delay in coming to the club without convincing reasons, it granted too and if you do agree it is better can you look for another partner.

Exchange of experiences:
Always share experiences with your partner, if you will benefit you benefited also from him and committed him honesty always does not skimp any information benefit him during training and improve its level, it increases loyalty to you and therefore his dedication to exercise with you.
Show your interest to the information say it to you, but they are wrong correct them or banking on them from a trusted source and have always tried to Tkoa informed on all new high-end in this sport.

The absent partner:
What more complaining than people of their partners that they absent a lot and not come to the club at the time, without convincing reasons, I say to those forget your partner is not committed to schedule and not committed with the same Vakid would not commit to you and look to you for a partner estimated your partnership and hope to be with him during

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