Muscle tear

Known physiology that muscle sound be in a constant state of contraction and relaxation - muscle tone - whether at rest or make efforts muscle, it is agreed scientifically that muscle sound well-trained are not exposed to infection traction or tear as long as it Atusband pressure force is greater than the maximum capacity of contraction But if it is exposed to the rupture of some fibers and possibly exceed injury to the muscle fibers surrounding other and help in motor performance.

The injury muscular disruption usually occurs during defibrillation sudden violent resistance force beyond the moment they occur when the muscle is as a Mhih. In this case, happens a muscle strain plus the impact shattered the envelope bag of muscles or some muscle fibers.

- As a result of lifting weights sudden or large loads on the body's energy.

- Surprises and tensile overload of muscles or suffering a stroke.

- Neglected by the warm-up before the performance of the skill.

- Non-training loads rationing.

- It may happen rupture of muscle tissue or praises with access to the bones.

And the attendant disruption muscular pain and swelling at the injury site, in addition to the inability of the infected muscle function.

- Make infected muscle at rest and relaxation to reduce muscle tension.

- Put a piece of ice or cold water over the affected area immediately after the injury and then, to stop internal bleeding, and reducing swelling.

- Using compression bandage throughout the day and remove it at bedtime.

The muscle tear is not easily cured, and treatment needs a period of time from several weeks to several months, and there are genetic diseases such as: indigestion muscle growth (dystrophy).
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