Important tips for the magnitude of muscle

Important tips for the magnitude of muscle

These tips are only the magnitude of the muscle, not to lose weight

1 - sleep from 8:10 hours for the convenience of the body.

2 - eating well at a rate of 3 to 5 meals a day if possible, or use a protein without rolls to increase the weight of muscle net.
3 - Use of vitamins in order to maintain your health and your daily activity (possible to compensate by eating fruit if available, they are better than vitamins).

4 - psychological factor must be stable (psychologically relieved) that psychological affect on the body's energy to a very large.

5 - Do not use masturbation because they destroy the body of all aspects of health and muscle and psychological (for singles).

6 - If affected by the psychological factor and do not want your iron play for more than 3 days go to a running or swimming pool or basketball or sport etc.

7 - in the exercise focused on the target muscle and fill your mind with the target muscle because these are the way will give you my best result of 95%.

8 - Try taking enough time for rest and eating in the day of rest from training and do not strain yourself another sport.

9 - If you feel tired or painful tightening of certain muscle does not complement the exercise stop for rest and treatment.

10 - You must heating before exercise and this is very necessary to build a strong body harmonic heating method is (his mind Paul August - pressure Bush's father - diving in the air - Jerry functioning device - etc).

11 - must take Rank in breathing during exercise because concealment of breathing is very dangerous to the body.

12 - Drinking water to cool the body and cleaning the internal organs and the delivery of vitamins to the muscle.

13 - The use of creatine for professionals and not (for beginners) for energy during exercise and propagation of water for cleaning the internal organs of the sediment.

14 - not to gossip at the club because they waste your time and the time of your friends and go to your exercise for the benefit.

15 - not to play in front of the air conditioning or cold air to avoid diseases and injuries
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