History of Bodybuilding

Date bodybuilding very exciting, due to the eleventh century India, where athletes were hoist stones Mileage, and by the sixteenth century, it is said that bodybuilding was a national Tsalehm. And also appeared in ancient Greek and Roman Empire.
- In the middle of the nineteenth century took bodybuilding begin to be a popular game in North America, the North American P were first Mki_von to bodybuilding.
- The assets of bodybuilding due to the late nineteenth century in Europe simultaneously with the arrival of photography, who in turn distribute distinctive images of men Aledliyn around the world and published to reach the public.
- And in the first modern Olympic Games in 1896, there was a post game to lift weights.
- As for the man who has inventing many of the contemporary bodybuilding techniques was a German Eugen Sandow.
- With Sandhu, was born bodybuilding game.
- I have used Sandhu bar and carry on each side bag filled with sand and was first devised the idea Dambalz grip spring.
- In 1898, when he began publishing his magazine (Culture natural) physical culture, he was one of the most famous men, appeared on postcards and cards ministry.
- Sando began the performance Bmfajr force and different stances to view his body. In 1899 he went to England and open "natural studio culture" in London.
- First bodybuilding competition organized by Sandhu also on September 14 / September 1901 and it was a great competition organized at the Royal Albert Hall. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was a referees 3.
- Two major names in the upgrade bodybuilding in the early twentieth century was Bernard McFadden and Charles Atlas.
- Peer Sandhu in North America was "Bernard McFadden", Brown McFadden health and strength at the age of 25,. In 1900, he began publishing his magazine, which instead of its name soon to "beauty and health." McFadden considered exercise suitable for all races and all ages.
- McFadden, the U.S. moved to England, he founded the Journal of the natural evolution physical development in 1898 for the marketing philosophy تمرينه. Greatest contribution was the first competition of its kind for the body structure in 1903 at Madison Square Garden New York.
$ 1000 prize in the contest 1921 McFadden's "best body in America" ​​was Angelo Sekileano, an Italian immigrant.
- The location that represents a gathering of bodybuilding in the thirties and forties was another American beach:
Muscle Beach muscle beach in Santa Monica, California.
- Among the leading figures in Muscle Beach:
· "Jack Lane" - Fitness expert TV -
· "Joe Gould" - the founder of Gold's gym Gold's Gym -
· "Harold Zenkin" - the inventor of World Gym (exercise machine used widely) -
· "John Geremek" - AA U AAU Mr. America in 1940 -
- When the beach closed muscle in the fifties, America's west coast remained direction Tameha bodybuilding.
- Now in Venice Beach, California, the site of the first Gold's Gym, is still the method of choice for many of the existing professionals.
- Competitions Mister America was funded by the AA U AAU (U.S. athlete Union) has existed since 1939,
- But the dominant modern bodybuilding IFP my IFBB (International Union for bodybuilding), started in 1946 by Ben and runs - Canadian prairies -
Brother, Joe, was himself Bodybuilder, the empire's magazines to promote "the philosophy and runs" of training and fitness.
- In 1965, the atmosphere and manages to establish Mr. Olympia contest Mr.Olympia, who pulled players away from large organizations and competitions competition - such as Mister Universe Universe, funded "Association national amateur bodybuilding (NABBA). "
- Austrian Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mayor California is the latest game codes Subscribe to promote bodybuilding events since 1976. Not only to obtain only the Mr. Olympia titles, but in turn established Championship Mister Arnold.
Each year, thousands gather in Columbus, Ohio, for the Arnold Classic. This event is a competition between the world for professionals as the best bodybuilder. Compete both men and women for more than $ 300,000 prize money. And P is currently being held from 6 - March 8, 2009.
- Classics begun in 1989 by Arnold and his partner, James J. to Orimir. This was the first time joined together in raising perfectly objects. Relented starring Mr. Olympia in 1976.
- After a decade, created Miss Olympia Championships in Columbus, chose that city to host the events fit since that time.
- In 1993 Arnold Classic has become an annual event where it goes interested in the field of sports and bodybuilding to display their wares new. More than 350 vendor who feature the latest in fitness equipment, fitness wear.
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