Guarana for lose weight

Guarana is an herb that helps to lose weight due to the high amount of caffeine it contains. It is a natural appetite suppressant that increases metabolic activity and thus increase weight loss. What is guarana? We will firstly its origin, then we will then expose these benefits for bodybuilding.

Guarana origin
Guarana is a shrub native to the Amazon rainforest. The name comes from guarana Guarani Indians of Brazil, who prepared by grinding the seeds. Thereof are mixed with water, cocoa and cassava.

He is best known for its fruit, which contain two times more caffeine than coffee beans. It also contains theobromine, xanthine, theophylline, trace elements and vitamins.

You can buy guarana that is present in energy drinks or tea or slimming it is often accompanied by green tea. Some store offers organic food supplement guarana powder to add yourself to a drink.

Benefits of Guarana for weight
Guarana increases mental acuity and improved cognitive performance (memory, attention, mental arithmetic): The caffeine in guarana stimulates the central nervous system, which increases attention while contributing to the fight against drowsiness and sleep.
With an increase in blood pressure, guarana improves the performance of striated skeletal muscle.
Associated with tyrosine, guarana increases muscle performance and regeneration of neurotransmitters.
The dangers of guarana
There is no danger in consuming guarana. Nevertheless, it is not recommended for people who suffer from heart disease, insomnia or hypertension.

Recommended dose: 200 to 600 mg per day, preferably in the morning.
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