Do not forget the milk

Do not forget the milk

Athletes spend a fortune on protein supplements and fluid replacement beverages to enhance recovery and muscle building. Why spend a lot of money on sports supplements when you can get the same effect of milk?

Bodybuilding and milk

University in Canada, in a review of the literature, that low-fat milk enhances healing of weight training and exercise endurance, stimulates protein synthesis, and promotes post-exercise tissue repair.

Thirty years ago, scientists thought that the water better fluid replacement.

While it is still true to a large extent, and sports drinks are superior in some cases because they save water and energy and electrolytes. Milk may be the best, because it keeps the water balance for a longer period and provides a source of protein that can promote adaptation and tissue repair after exercise. Low-fat milk is an excellent sports drink for endurance sports, except in people who are lactose intolerant.
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