Dips between two benches

This exercise to strengthen the triceps is very effective and easy to perform technically. Once you understand the principle of movement, you can adapt it to other media, such as chairs if you train at home. Dips between two seats also work on the front of the shoulders and upper chest if you do this exercise in full capacity.

Place two seats against each other and separated by 80 cm to 1 meter.
Sitting in the middle seat, hands on each side of the fingers and hips gripping the edge of the seat, elbows pointing backwards. Support your body with outstretched arms and put your feet on the bench again. To increase the resistance, ask your partner to put hard cast on your thighs.
While inhale bend elbows to lower your upper body slowly between the seats until you feel a stretch in the triceps and shoulders.
After arriving to the lowest position, and hold your breath rise until it is fully extend your arms. Exhaling through a sore point of the exercise when climbing or when your arms fully extended.

Training Tips
Although mainly used falls between two of the seats for the development of exercise triceps also seeking the upper chest (clavicle and pectoralis major) and anterior deltoid. These muscles contract strongly at the beginning of the leaps and bounds the best arms in line with your body, your triceps stronger push you to finish.
To ensure maximum development of heads, elbows should be directed to the back throughout the year. Also, do not stray too far from the seats of each other so that your elbows are too far behind your body. Keep your arms near the statue to improve the stress placed on your heads.
For a full contraction of the triceps with maximum effort, stretching arms completely. You can even lock your elbows at the top.
By allowing your elbows away from each side, you can reduce the stress placed on the head and asked the broad dorsal and pectoralis major. There may also be greater pressure on the shoulder joint due to the rotation of the arm. To avoid this, simply spread the hands slightly wider than shoulders.
If you are working full capacity, and the body weight is generally sufficient, especially when you do with other groups of several strength training exercises for the triceps. If you are using the additional resistance of steel, having a partner hold the discs to prevent slipping.
Beginners should do dips between seats capacity by 2 gradually increase the depth of bending. You could also use a DIP and that it is possible to use less resistance to body weight.
If you do not have yet the strength to perform this movement in the series, or if you want to stick your triceps after a series between the two banks: You can do this exercise by placing your feet on the ground. In this way, the voltage applied to the muscles are much lower. This alternative is useful if you graduated series.
Home muscles
Required major muscle in the elbow joint is huge triceps muscle that covers the entire back of the upper arm. Triceps three packages, and vastus lateralis, vastus medialis and the long end in a common chord on the ulna of the forearm. In the shoulder joint, and muscle major declines between the two front seats are deltoid and pectoralis major (collarbone or higher). This represents about one-third of the total mass of muscles that cover the whole chest. The anterior deltoid covers the front of the shoulder.
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