Barbell Upright Row

1. Hold a barbell at arms' length, using an overhand shoulder-width grip.
2. Pull the bar vertically upward until it reaches your chin, raising the elbows as high as possible.
3. lower the bar slowly down to the arms' extended position.

Muscles Involved
Primary: Lateral deltoid, trapezius.
Secondary: Anterior deltoid, supraspinatus, Infraspinatus, teres minor.

Anatomic Focus
Hand spacing: Taking a wider grip on the bar helps target the deltoid, whereas a narrower grip emphasizes the trapezius.

Trajectory: Lifting the barbell close to the body targets the lateral deltoid, whereas raiSing the bar through a forward arc away from the body
requires assistance from the anterior deltoid.

Range of motion: If the elbows are raised above shoulder level, the trapezius takes over the work.

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