Scientific bases for the training of bodybuilding

Scientific bases for the training of bodybuilding

Many hear about strategic bases or principles of athletic training for perfection objects but many of us did not know these principles accurate knowledge despite the fact that knowledge of these principles and the foundations are considered one success factors and an easy way to format your own and that fits with your goals and your capabilities psychological, physical, and also the possibilities of the program Algdaúa
The principles and Leader of the strongest and most famous sports Althrip principles perfectly and most objects have proliferated Zvi following lines we will for two of the most powerful principles of EDR and most spread

& Training routine and muscle confusion
Routine training
Training is one of the strategies the temporary parents are a division of the training year for more than a point in time for each stage their own and also routine training (training program) and a special diet program
Routine training means
Status of the individual training program prepared Bnih are faithful split training days and rest during the week so that repeat the same program the following week and then my father nights routinely until the period specified for this program so are not taken to bring about change or bring in any of the contents of this program during the period Mahddhma stable number Groups and repetition and Ttrouh rut period of 2-4 months maximum and the player must stick to Bdlk system
It also means
Stick to the player during the training phase preset program sponsors player faithful goals from Dell stage and the strengths and weaknesses of friendly without Aljawae to improvise and indiscriminate in training

It also means
The relative stability of the training program, and knead to continuity influence Alqoyaly parts Aladilahalmstahedfah through the program for every exercise affects the range of angles muscle and can cause a surge in the size and shape of those corners just to perform group or 4 sets of rules of engagement exercise but must repeat this exercise routinely in today's custom Dell muscle of each week for the duration of the program can even see its effect on the target muscle group
Example Everyone knows the benefit of exercise squat Bar of the thighs, but does not mean Mejrdadaúk G Exercise 4 powerful groups you get the thighs strong but must repeat this exercise on the agenda thighs for the duration of the program until you see the benefits of exercise and the strong influence and act on the target muscles and Kdlk other exercise

Benefits of routine training
* Helps the player to determine its initial objectives in every stage of the season and then achieved
* Prevents improvisation and random exercise and makes exercise a kind of formal labor
* Helps the player to Sholt division of the sports season to several stages
1 - phase power
2 - stage large
3 - phase to obtain the final shape - preparing for tournaments

Aiobalrotin training
* May affect the player feeling bored due to repetition of the same exercise for the private Alambtdaúan should the player when Dell stage to overcome this feeling and the introduction of some relative changes in his program, such as exercise, aerobic and Erpeix or comfort positive replaced one day training (swimming - play tennis - biking)
* When you follow any player for New routine - a new program _ no progress Mlhozvy level but with the passage of time depends this progress even insisted the player to follow the same WFP for a period longer than necessary may Yudi knead to drop level Dahuhedh advice introduction to some players follow the same training programs Manz their debut for bodybuilders Despite the passage of several years without change

* To Atnkhadda to follow some special programs Bamahterv and Champions bodybuilding as Dell programs are not commensurate with your abilities, physical and psychological, as well as potential system Algdaúa even laid commensurate with their physical, psychological and also potential their Algdaúy and the strengths and weaknesses of their

In developing a new training Ayrutin
- You must consider the goals of this program (force - muscle size selection)
- Must take into account the pattern of your body
- Must take into account the strengths and weaknesses you have and more Almnatqalty must be taken into account for Altnsag
- Must take into account the possibilities of your system Algdaúy if your system Algdaúy site does not provide you with Balfdr Alcavymn protein will not get huge muscles and Kdalk energy will not be able to complete your program must also
- Should limit the number of training hours per day, week, month
Distribution system loads throughout the day and week and length of the program
Determining rest periods between groups during the exercise and the length of the program and rest days during the week
- Amutiraly authorities agreed the opinions of experts in the development of the new program
- Muscle confusion -
Is one of the most مبداء sports training strength and effectiveness of one of the key factors to stimulate muscle growth

The gap means
Create an atmosphere of instability or alert continuous Zakrh muscle by moving sense of strange atypical in milk train or newer shock during the training program resulting in an increase in tension its attendant increase in the amount of nerve signals and Batalli increase in the amount of blood Almugea to muscle followed by an increase in the response muscle to exercise and usability of growth
In other words,
Continuous change in the form and manner of the performance of the ongoing exercise and excitement of the muscles
Any program does not apply to training with my father's parents preceded night, even if for the same goal and Kzelk by Gelasat Altmarenay must you always have a distinctive gap in your hearing

So what are the ways confusion muscle while maintaining a routine training

1 - confusion in terms of a change in the order of exercise within the program
2 - confusion in terms of the shape and type of handle eg a down payment for exercise Trajcepc can play in each session for a different type of knobs, which leads to the events of a lot of change in the sense of exercise
3 - confusion in terms of the distance between the fists in the sense if you are used to perform an exercise Weighted Bar Pipes Kmthalccant distance between fists wafers than shoulder width will feel another sense if it started to change the distance until it reaches more than shoulder width, and vice versa
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